It's a Good Choice! If you are concerned with the levels of aluminum and other harmful chemicals in your deodorant, this is a good, natural alternative.

Yes – applied with your fingers!

When you first switch over to natural deodorant, you may expect a transition period of about a week or so.  Regular antiperspirants work by shrinking and plugging the pores of the armpit – preventing the body’s natural ability to sweat.  This traps toxins in our body. It will take a few days for your body to unclog and reopen the pores so they can function properly. As these toxins are being released, you may notice body odour increasing.  Just think of it this way – it’s the “badness” coming out. Please don’t give up! You may need to try the detox deodorant to speed up this adjustment period. It will get better once your body has a chance to naturally cleanse itself.

If I could share only one thing with you – this would be the one…so important for our health!