Handcrafted in small batches using all natural ingredients  - with a touch of magick made just for you!

Our soap is made using the "hot process" method. We cook each batch in a slow cooker to speed up the saponification* action. By using this method, the soap is ready to use the very next day. There is no need to wait several weeks for curing. However, each bar will continue to dry, harden and cure as time goes on. The harder the soap, the better! Invest in a soap dish or soap saver mat to keep your soap dry between uses. If your soap sits in a puddle of water, its lifespan will be greatly reduced.


* Saponification - the process of using lye to turn oils into soap. When people ask about lye, they are scared. No fear - lye is only used to make the magic happen. Once the lye has turned oils into soap, it is used up and has finished its job. There is no lye in the finished soap!  


Our basic recipe uses olive, coconut, soybean, and castor oils. We infuse our own oils and will include essential oils like Lavender, Chamomile, or Calendula in different recipes. No added chemicals, toxins or preservatives are used in our soap.