Use it as a gentle exfoliator for your skin. Take it in the shower - wet the tawashme and wet your bar of soap. Rub, rub, rub the bar on your tawashme - load it up with soap. Now use the soapy tawashme to clean your skin. You might have to reload 2 or 3 times during your shower. The tawashme will help to remove dead skin cells (without scratching) and the natural oils in the soap will leave your skin moisturized. It's especially nice during these dry winter months!

Or, you can use it on your face after a sugar scrub. It will remove the last little bits of sugar and help with exfoliation as well. Just toss it in the laundry when you need to and you can use it over and over again!


Hand made locally by our Sales Representative Kathy Nicholson!


  • Tawashme are made from a variety of cotton colors mixed and matched. Items shipped may not be exactly as shown.

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